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Why groom my dog?

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Regular grooming of your pet dog is critical for his/her health, welfare and happiness.

Professional, qualified groomers are the first line in preventative health care. Each treatment includes a free general health check to determine your dog’s fitness for grooming. Our groomers are trained professionals who will be able to identify, for example, suspect skin conditions, eye, ear or mouth disorders, whether or not anal glands need expressing, and more. We will let you know if something is wrong which may require a change in diet, exercise or a vet’s advice.

Regular visits, where we use all-natural shampoos and treatments, will keep your dog’s coat and skin in optimum condition. This keeps your dog looking good and feeling good. Our aim, therefore, is to partner with you, as the responsible committed pet owner, in providing regular care and attention to your dog’s ongoing health and wellbeing.