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Just Barking at London Fashion Week 2016

martin-at-london-fashion-weekMartin – the owner and senior groomer at Just Barking – at London Fashion Week with Jo, the owner of HOWND, promoting HOWND’s all-natural Playful Pup Conditioning Shampoo and matching Body Mist (the same treatments we use at Just Barking).

Martin was enlisted by HOWND to groom fashion designer Elle B’Zhou’s puppy Oliver for his debut on the catwalk. Reps from Vogue, marie-claire and other titles were there among the glitterati for the designer’s launch of her 2017 Ready-to-Wear collection which took place at Sketch, London. Headline sponsor was hairdresser Toni & Guy.

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Membership of BIGA: the British Isles Grooming Association

Just Barking is proud to announce our membership of BIGA, the British Isles Grooming Association. BIGA is a modern and progressive trade association and support network for professional pet groomers. Its aim is to promote high standards in professional pet grooming alongside increased awareness among pet owners of the benefits of regular grooming to improve our pets’ health, welfare and happiness.

Why groom my dog?

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Regular grooming of your pet dog is critical for his/her health, welfare and happiness.

Professional, qualified groomers are the first line in preventative health care. Each treatment includes a free general health check to determine your dog’s fitness for grooming. Our groomers are trained professionals who will be able to identify, for example, suspect skin conditions, eye, ear or mouth disorders, whether or not anal glands need expressing, and more. We will let you know if something is wrong which may require a change in diet, exercise or a vet’s advice.

Regular visits, where we use all-natural shampoos and treatments, will keep your dog’s coat and skin in optimum condition. This keeps your dog looking good and feeling good. Our aim, therefore, is to partner with you, as the responsible committed pet owner, in providing regular care and attention to your dog’s ongoing health and wellbeing.

City & Guilds qualified dog grooming

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At Just Barking, our groomers are City & Guilds qualified – or actively completing their C&G qualification.
The C&G qualification is prestigious and hard-earned. Groomers have to complete written exams across a range of subjects including breeds and coat types, canine disease, prevention, first-aid, workplace health and safety and more.
Additionally, they have to travel to examination centres and be tested in their grooming skills of different breeds.
C&G certification can be a long, involved process that can take three to five years to complete. So it is with real pride that we are able to boast of our C&G qualifications. Really, though, it’s about making sure we are on the cutting edge (pun intended) of dog grooming and animal care. You can be assured that our dog groomers have received the best training, earned the highest qualifications in the country to provide the best possible treatment for your dog.

Just Barking is ICMG designated

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We are pleased and proud to announce our designation as an ICMG dog grooming salon. The International Certified Master Groomer (ICMG) award is a prestigious accolade that our groomers worked and studied hard to achieve.
The exam is rigorous and requires the groomers to undergo a comprehensive course of study. An external invigilator visits the salon and tests the groomers on their knowledge of dog grooming and workplace considerations – with the health, safety and welfare of dogs given highest priority.
Few salons in the UK have achieved ICMG status. It’s important for us at Just Barking to differentiate ourselves from other groomers with our ongoing commitment to training, qualification and external scrutiny. It’s about staying current and providing the best possible service available in our community (and beyond). It should also give you the peace of mind that your dog is being groomed to the highest of standards internationally and that we are genuinely committed to your dog’s health, welfare and safety.

Award-winning grooming book by Colin Taylor

Award-winning dog groomer and competition judge, Colin Taylor, was recently awarded the prestigious Liz Paul Award at Master Groom 2014 for his book, What Would Colin Do? 101 situations and solutions for every dog groomer.
The book, available to purchase in print from Amazon, is edited by one of the owners of Just Barking. In it, Colin shares his thirty years experience across 101 different situations grooming dogs.
As many of you will know, Colin was until recently the senior groomer at Just Barking. Our groomers had the benefit therefore of working directly under his supervision to the highest of grooming standards in the world. Colin is back to Somerset but continues to stay actively involved with Just Barking. Our congratulations to Colin for yet another award to hang on your hero wall.

Howell’s Code Amazon No.1 Best-seller in Dog Care

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Howell’s Code: The Joy and Duty of Dog Ownership. A Ten-Step Guide to Happy Companionship, written by one of the owners of Just Barking, achieved Amazon No.1 Bestseller in Dog Care. The book is available for Kindle on Amazon. A limited number of printed copies are available to purchase from Just Barking.
With Howell’s Code, Christian Howell introduces us to the ‘fabulous’ political activist and ‘distant relation’ Venetia Howell.
Miss Howell re-homed dogs in London more than a hundred years ago. But she was a force to contend with among London’s political classes – not to mention the social glitterati, including the likes of Oscar Wilde and Lily Langtry.
But her writings got lost. Until now. Through old papers that Christian inherited from his grandfather. Papers that were thought burned in the fire that destroyed Venetia’s house, and her life, in Chelsea, West London, in 1941.
The following pages are loaded with sensible advice for responsible dog ownership today. Including how to select the right breed for you, your lifestyle, your dog. The key factors when choosing a vet. An insurance company. A dog walker. Or pet groomer. The right thing to do across a range of scenarios. Like training your puppy. Taking your dog for a walk. Choosing the right food. Respecting your old dog. And more. Lots more.
The foundation for all this lies within Venetia’s startling and controversial concept of the Real Joy of companionship with our dogs. It starts with Duty. But when you discover Venetia’s lost code, it will move you to another level. You will be intrigued. You will be inspired. You will not look at your dog the same way again.

Why we don’t brush out a badly matted coat

Imagine your own head of hair is full of long, tight dreadlocks. Now try to comb through that to get rid of the knots. It’s going to hurt. Your scalp will turn red and swollen from the terrible inflamation, your skin will suffer from microscopic breaks that are now prone to infection. You’ll never want to repeat this traumatic experience.
So it is with a dog with a badly matted coat.
If your dog has just a few knots, we can often shave these out strategically to blend in with the rest of the coat.
But we cannot brush out tight knots. It’s painful for your dog. It puts their health at risk. The experience is often traumatising and they will forever associate a visit to the grooming salon with terrible pain.
If you want to keep your dog’s coat long, we want to partner with you in the maintenance of its coat. We’ll happily show you the correct brushing techniques so you can keep on top of this at home. And we’ll recommend when your dog should come in for its next appointment.

Does my dog’s diet affect its skin and coat?

When a dog comes to us for grooming, we can see immediately the quality of its diet.
Mass-manufactured dry dog food that you can pick up at the corner shop or the grocery store is often high in sugar and artificial colouring and ingredients. The packages might say ‘meaty’ and ‘moist’ and look wonderfully colourful – and your dog might love the food. But look at your dog’s coat and skin.
Part the hair. The skin should have a blue-ish tinge. It should be free of dry flakes – but it shouldn’t be greasy to the touch either. Your dog’s coat should be full and even – there shouldn’t be any hairless patches. If your dog scratches a lot, this could also be a sign that it is uncomfortable, that the skin is dry or irritated.
In a lot of cases, this comes down simply to your dog’s diet.
Ideally, we recommend foods high in Omega oils or with a high meat to grain ratio (or even grain-free). At Just Barking, we offer Burns dry dog food (developed by a vet from Wales), Fish For Dogs, Lily’s Kitchen and Gentle (cold-pressed dog food).

How often can I shampoo my dog?

Some dog owners worry if their dog is being shampooed too often. It’s true that commercially available pet shampoos can strip a dog’s skin of its natural oils. These oils regulate the coat’s cleanliness ‘naturally’.
At Just Barking, we only use shampoos with all-natural ingredients. The shampoos are paraben-free and ph-balanced for a dog’s sensitive skin. Human shampoos are ph-balanced for human skin. There is a difference – so we don’t recommend using human shampoo on a dog.
Provided you use an all-natural dog shampoo, it’s okay to shampoo even once a week. About six in ten dog owners will allow their dog to sleep in or on the bed with them – so you can shampoo your dog, for example, as often as you change your linen.
This doesn’t apply to dogs with pre-existing skin conditions – which may be on a medicated shampoo prescribed by the vet – nor to dogs that are being treated for fleas or other parasites and may require special treatments.