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Suck it up Henry – and Hetty, Charles, James too!

I was recently at a friend’s salon, looking at the ways they work, showing them a few time-saving techniques when grooming dogs.

It came time to clean up the salon afterwards – so out came the broom and the mop and a heap of cleaning products. It’s like they say: a clean salon is next to godliness. Or something like that.

But then I noticed Henry. Sitting in the corner. Smiling. But not doing a thing. And we were all cleaning up.

Have you met Henry? Or any of his siblings: Hetty, Charles and James?

Here’s a picture:

Wherever you go across the UK you will see builders and cleaners with their Henry. That’s because Henry is a trusty and reliable vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t have the super styling and sophistication and the bells and whistles of other hoovers. Just easy to use. Powerful. Practical. And Henry keeps smiling, even if he gets bumped around a bit.

So, why, I asked, was Henry not helping out with the cleaning? Why weren’t we using Henry to suck up all the hair in the salon? Hair gets everywhere. Everywhere. It’s much simpler just to suck it up with Henry’s long nozzle.

Because, my friend told me, “with all that hair, we’d go through so many hoover bags…”

Now, this friend of mine is somebody I like. Somebody I admire. And respect. But this was his Homer Simpson moment.


Why are you bothering with hoover bags, I wanted to know, punching my fist into the doughnut sitting on his table.

I explained you don’t need replacement hoover bags to use Henry to suck up the hair in your salon. Use Henry without the bags! It will make your cleaning up that much easier and faster and you’ll be able to get all those hairballs hiding in those tricky places under the bath, trapped around table legs, floating along the wall, rolling into your reception area.

I didn’t think I would have to explain the obvious to this friend of mine. But clearly I had to. And maybe you’ve got a Henry that you’re not using to suck up all the loose hair, thinking that you need to use Henry with the bags. Well, you don’t.

Of course, the makers recommend that you use a bag otherwise the dust will get into the motor and your Henry will eventually break down. But, look, if you’re just sucking up hair on a daily basis, two or three or five or ten times a day, it’s less about fine dust getting into the motor. And I can guarantee you’ll save so much time – and time is money – compared to sweeping up, you could buy the whole family of Henry and his sister and brothers.

By the way: I have no ties to the makers (Numatic) and I don’t get any financial reward for recommending you use Henry (or his siblings). I am simply offering a time-saving solution that, however obvious, some of you might not have known about.

xx Colin